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Huggy Bear in San Francisco

Posted to chugchanga-l on Monday, September 13, 1993

I saw Huggy Bear, Blood Sausage, and the Frumpies last night at Epicenter in San Francisco. Huggy Bear, at least, are going to be playing at Jabberjaw in LA Tuesday, and then are striking off across the country. Blood Sausage will rejoin them for some east coast dates. Sorry, I don't have more tour info than that, though I think Huggy Bear will play a show under the auspices of Homocore Chicago. Blood Sausage recorded a single for K while they were in Olympia.

Blood Sausage for purposes of this show was Dale on vocals, backed by a guitarist and a rhythm section made up of a couple members of Huggy Bear. Normally they have two guitarists, and the other guitarist will be flying in for the East coast shows. The other band members didn't want to play "Fuck You and Your Underground", unfortunately, because they had messed it up last time they played it. Considering half the members are in common with Huggy Bear, they sound quite a bit different -- more jazzy and laid-back (at times).

The Frumpies are a supergroup of sorts, with members of Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, plus other people. They have a single out, but I haven't heard it, so I didn't get into it so much, but they were pretty good.

Billy of Bikini Kill also played with Huggy Bear for their set. They opened with the Avengers' "We Are the One", a sort of San Francisco tribute. They played the hits in the second half of the set, and things really got exciting.

I talked with Dale and Jo and a couple other band members, and they were all really nice. And I finally got hold of Huggy Bear zines.


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