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The point of this page is to have up-to date information about queer zines and music as I get it. Sometimes in the past I've built up a backlog - this way you find out about it as soon as I get it. These little mini-blurbs are short by necessity - I will probably expand on things in the next Queer Zine Explosion.

Sunday, Sept 26, 1999

Here's what arrived yesterday, combined with some stuff I got earlier and forgot to write up...

Put the Past Away #3: Includes a poem about someone's grandma; thoughts on beauty standards; Christians bad and good, Courtney Love; the double standard by which the Donnas are called a Ramones rip-off but many other punk bands aren't; racism; a poem by Kim from Teenage Death Songs zine; suggestions for helping yourself during depression; meaningful lyrics. 8 pages, digest. Write to Chris, Po Box 5683, Evansville, IN 47716.

The October 1999 Girlfriends has an interview with Melissa Etheridge; an article by Judith Halberstam that theorizes on the drag king subtext of Austin Powers; an interview with Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights about lesbian custody battles -- the interview also touches on the concept of community intervention that Schulman has touched on recently in other articles and talks; an article on Cecil Williams; "men we love". web: http://www.girlfriendsmag.com/

Batteries Not Included Vol 6 #9 has an interview with Lisa Falour (who did the zine Bikini Girl); Spence writes about the new edition of Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World; plus several other articles about porn -- since porn is the raison d'etre of this publication. See Qze 17 for ordering info.

An annoucement of the year 2000 Anarchist Book Fair. It will be Saturday April 15th, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Friday, Sept 24, 1999

Film zine Film Bitch #3 is a queer theme issue ; there's an examination of GLAAD's wacky ballot for best gay films of the century; interview with Richard Glatzer, director of Grief, which starred Craig Chester and Jackie Beat; two guys write about how movies and TV affected their coming-out process; movie etiquette; Mark Hain of the zine Boys Who Wear Glasses writes about Frankenstein director James Whale; filmographies for out stars Anne Heche, Rupert Everett and Ian McKellen; upcoming queer cinema; plus more movie stuff. Excellent film zine, though a little Hollywood oriented; see also Bright Lights for more of a scholarly approach and Femme Flicke for an indie women angle. 44 pages Digest. $3 to Nat Rogers, PO Box 2128, NY NY 10009.

Two new issues of Denmark-based but English-language queer women's zine Mohawk Beaver. #6 has an editorial where Gritt wishes more people would do gender-fuck like the male belly-dancer in drag she saw at a restaurant; advice to female artists; the problem with women's magazines; drag king centerfold; thoughts on the closet and maybe how it's not so bad; short prose pieces, reviews, and, as usual, great art. #7 has an editorial about talking pussies; Miss Mohawk Beaver directs a porn film; speech for the Women's International Fight Day; photos of drag queen Ramona M. out in the daytime; seeking out and enjoying the company of other women; two drag kings infiltrate a gay bar on Fire Island; Nick Zedd writes about spending the night in jail in New York for jumping a turnstile; being in a shoplifting girl gang at summer camp; Hamburgers are Dead Cows: an article on veganism; a call for help for Annie Sprinkle, whose home burned. $3, 20.00 Dkkr, 2 pounds, or DM 5.00 to Mohawk Beaver, Poste Restante, Noorbro Postkontor, 2200 Copenhagen N., Denmark. email: mohawkbeaver@hotmail.com

Angelbaby is a minizine from Angelina, the publisher of Moneyshot. Standing in need of a loan from the girl zone for an improvement in love life; a crush on a couple; how to make fun fur jeans; gaydar on the fritz; some wishes for how the gay community would be; goth pick up lines; and more fun short pieces. 24 pages, Mini. $1 to PO Box 3024, Fayetteville, NV 28302-3024.

Got issue 99 of R.F.D., the radical faerie magazine. Contents include an article on Zuni Mountain Sanctuary; erotic photos by Greg Day; a piece on the Philadelphia Faerie Circle; a biographical sketch of Straight To Hell founder Boyd McDonald; an homage to James Broughton; Sister Mish, one of the founding Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence outlines the history of the order; contact letters (unfortunately the prisoner penpal section is not in this issue, and they're looking for someone to help with it.)

In case you forgot how to masturbate, the new issue of Celebrate The Self: The Magazine of Solo Sex will remind you how to do it . It's aimed at men; usually there's more pictures of men, but this issue has more pictures of women. $4.50 to Factor Press, PO Box 8888, Mobile, Alabama 36689.

A CD-EP by Juliet called Rogue Amazon. The title track is co-written by Juliet, Pamela Jones, and Magic, and is an evocation of women's power with soulful vocals over percolating rhythm. The other song is a cover of Grace Jones' "I Need A Man" - Grace is incidentally executive producer Pamela Jones' sister. There are two mixes of "Rogue Amazon" and three of "I Need A Man." Rogue Amazon Productions, PO Box 6187, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80934.

Kill Rock Stars sent me a copy of the new Ronnie Spector CD-EP they put out, "She Talks to Rainbows."

I got a Northern California ACLU newsletter with info on that case involving pepper spray in the eyes of protesters. Apparently, the courts have a double standard - pepper spray is a dangerous weapon in criminal trials, but not in the hands of police.

Monday, Sept 20, 1999

I got some fliers in the mail about a very righteous project that's going on - plans are underway for an infoshop in San Francisco that will include among other things a home for the zine library that used to be at Epicenter before its demise. See here for more information. There are weekly meetings (more info on the above link or on my San Francisco events page, and some of the library is available at Mission Records.

Issue 20 of Noise Queen. This issue has haiku for Patti Smith, Nico, and Joan Jett; a poem about being seperated from love, using Greek myth as metaphor; in-depth reviews of zines, books, and records (unlike the brief mentions I'm prone to); a rant about the increasing authoritarianism of society; a review of the early G.B. Jones film Troublemakers, which is available on video from G.B.; a review of the video Judgement Day by Diamanda Galas; a comparison of Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield. (28 pages, Standard) $2 to Tim Murphy, 238 Glen Castle Road, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 4N8. Web: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Castro/7507

Thursday, Sept 16, 1999

Well, I'm back in San Francisco, and I have a mailbox full of mail. Here's what I've got:

Faggo is a new queer zine, with contributions by queer male guys. It's edited by Kim Kinakin of the band Sparkmarker. There's contributions by lots of guys, including: a bit about the old gay porn mag In Touch, which used to do stuff on punk when it was edited by Jim Yousling (see http://www.theoretical.com/ for more info), and here is reprinted a Henry Rollins interview from In Touch; a story called "George Washington" by Travis Jeppesen (see QZE 17 for info on his story "My Dead Face"); interview with Paul from Bread + Circuits (which I guess is a band); story by Rufus Poser (see info about his zine Poser below) about hanging out with a straight punk he met at a gay bar; article on Rob Halford; article by Sean Capone of the zine Positron with some thoughts on Matthew Shepard; article on David Wojnarowicz; going to Disneyland with Pansy Division; Sascha from Heartcore Records writes about his record label and being queer in Germany; a trip to New York reveals what a small world it is, as people like Bruce LaBruce turn up; plus many more contributors and pieces. Send email to faggo @ hotmail.com or send an IRC to PO Box 1457 Bentall Centre, Vancouver, BC V6C 2P7, Canada. (Standard, 40 pages)

Also sent with Faggo was the zine Poser. The intro explains the title: how new entries into the punk or gay scenes are looked down upon, and how trying on different subcultures through posing is actually a good thing. Also in the issue: thoughts on queer space; comic about piercings as memory jog; working at the Pleasure Chest sex shoppe; a six-year old draws a picture of Bill and Monica having sex; fantasy and reality in sex with and without latex; piece about going to the fag bar after the punk bar; review of a porn website. email rufusposer@hotmail.com or send $2 or trade to PO Box 1457 Bentall Centre, Vancouver, BC V6C 2P7, Canada. (digest, 28 pages)

Issue 93 of Arthur Hlavaty's Derogatory Reference. Arthur makes observations on various things, including Kansas' banning of the teaching of evolution, memories of people from the world of Science Fiction fanzines; a quote from a person you wouldn't expect to be anti-semetic; the irony of the Ayn Rand postage stamp; and more. Available via email from hlavaty @ panix.com or send $1 or arranged trade to Arthur D. Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St., Yonkers, NY 10704-1814.

A pamphlet about the corruption of scripture, which mentions among other things "Years ago, there were many indications/ accusations that early Christianity started out as an "orgy cult" directed originally by their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Much of the piece is based on etymology. Write: Anonymous, PO Box 4035, Olathe, Kansas 66063-4035. (8 pages, standard)

Flavour of the Decade - a book of poems by Nathaniel. See http://www.finearts.yorku.ca/jsmith/misquote/ink.html

A postcard about Nuts and Bolts of Body and Soul - for more information see http://www.efacilitator.com. I looked at it a bit and couldn't figure out what it was about.

Hurrah! I got my tickets for the Harry Partch concert in the mail!

A copy of the glossy "A&U: America's AIDS magazine" with willie Brown, San Francisco's lousy mayor on the cover.

Got an ad from an idiotic company selling body-building drugs - and they also advertise aphrodesiac effects. Look like a piece of beef now, get cancer later. Look like you're healthy without really being healthy. They're insane if they think I'll help publicize them.

Plus I got a couple zine orders, including one from a guy in Poland saying "Dear Sir, please send me free of charge some issues of "Holy Titclamps" for my collection of world press." What, don't they have any money or stuff to trade in Poland?

Tuesday, Sept 14, 1999

Well, I'm currently in L.A., so I'm not able to check my mailbox, but I'm sure it's stuffed with items that I'll write about when I get back in a couple days. In the meantime, here's something I got just before I left:

Atomic Comics #4 -- new issue of this queer superhero comic by Sina. In this issue, the heroes are recovering from their most recent adventure, and discussing various topics. Plus there's a comic called Zu featuring hunky humanoids by Bud. 1 pound/$2 to Sina, 4 Moresby Ave., Berrylands, Surrey, KT5 9DS

Saturday, Sept 4, 1999

Wow, mail from Argentina. I got a tape from the band She Devils, who are two women and a guy from Argentina. On this tape they cover "She's my best friend" by the Velvet Underground, "I live Off You" by X-Ray Spex, "Get Off the Road", which I think is from the movie She-Devils on Wheels, which they're named after, and "Lonely Planet Boy" by the New York Dolls. The band will have a CD out very soon. Also in the package were several issues of the zine Drag, each of which is one big page folded, with queer stuff in Spanish. Very cool stuff they're doing there. Write: CC 16 Suc 27B, (1427) Cap Fed, Argentina.

Got a CD in the mail by Robin Greenspan called Gardener of Eden. Check out the lyrics to "Weird Love", about how Christians say we're supposed to suppress our feelings. "Optimistic" offers thoughts about living life openly, and includes the line "Mama never liked how I dresed like a little boy." Robin's got a nice singing voice, and the music is melodic, and radio-friendly. The website's at http://members.aol.com/BumRecords/Greenspan.html

New issue of what was formerly called Zine World - they've changed their name to the somewhat unweildy but certainly accurate "a Reader's Guide to the Underground Press" or "aRGttUP." This is a great place for reviews of zines, and they also keep you up to date with free speech news, including information about how new post office regulations demand that people put "PMB" for addresses at maildrops and that people using maildrops will have to reveal their home addresses to everyone. Scary. So write and send $3 to
A Readers Guide to the Underground Press
PMB #2386
537 Jones St.,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Another review zine I got today is Amusing Yourself to Death. In addition to many reviews, there's also an excellent article by Sean Guillory about sending zines to prisoners, and how to help make sure they get what you're sending them. $3, PO Box 91934, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1934. Web: http://www.aznet.net/~lorax/aytd

Good mail day, huh? Plus I got an issue of Emigre Magazine, the cool typography publication. And an order for QZE.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Replicas Rubato CD by Terre Thaemlitz. In the same vein as Thaemlitz' CD of Kraftwerk interpretations for piano, Die Roboter Rubato, this is a CD of interpretations of Gary Numan songs. The instrumentation is electric piano drenched in reverb. The extensive liner notes, which examine, among other subjects, homoeroticism in Numan's lyrics, can be read on-line.

I wouldn't mind hearing some feedback about what people think about this "mailbox" page.

Sunday, August 29, 1999

I Was a Teenage Girl Army: Caitlin's the editor, and the zine focuses on music and feminism. Article by a guy about his sexist dad; Caitlin writes about the male-centered world of the first punk show she went to; an interview with Kaia and Tammy Rae Carland of Mr. Lady Records and Video; article by Sarah about steps towards healing; facts about the Taliban, the very sexist fundamentalist Islamic group that runs Afghanistan; crushes on rock stars like Ben Lee; article about experiences with verbal harassment. (24 pages, digest) $1 to Caitlin, 6915 Shamrock Dr., Little Rock, AR 72205.

Friday, August 27, 1999

Make: a zine of political essays by various writers. Contents include articles on "Indo-chic"; temp work; welfare reform and sex ed; class; public memorials; a review of American History X; environmental racism in NYC; harm reduction philosophy and food-only government programs like WIC; military training in Puerto Rico; a review of Commodify Your Dissent; resegregation in the UCLA Law School; debunking the myth of the welfare queen; health insurance; immigration reform; an essay on keeping politics in one's life. $1, Craig Willse, 1227 N. Genesee Ave #3, W Hollywood, CA 90046. email: cwillse @ hotmail.com.

Plus an order for Holy Titclamps #17. At least someone's ordering it...

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Night Boats, a book of poetry by Edward Mycue. $10 from Norton-Coker Press, PO Box 640543, San Francisco, CA 94164-0543.

The Beautiful You, a zine with collages. $2 + 2 33 cent stamps to David Hunter, 1650 California St Apt #10, SF CA 94109.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Got the Sept 1999 issue of the lesbian glossy Girlfriends, sort of the Lesbian People magazine. Amanda Bearse is on the cover; the dreamy girl band of the month is Handful, from Austin, TX; there's a review of a queer-friendly kids record by Molly Bowers called Double Daddy; plus much more info.

Got a copy of an article with a nice mention of my website from HX magazine. And I got flyers for Queeruption - thanks Scott!

Sunday, August 21, 1999

Got a package of zines from Rachael House in the UK yesterday. They are: Red Hanky Panky #7/ Hormone Frenzy #3.5: A split, flip-over zine. Rachael's side features her comics, plus guest comics from Jewels and and Ruth Muffmonster. Rachael's comics include one on alternative gay games, including queer sumo; guys on the street yell at Jo that his girlfriend's bisexual, which is actually true; depression affirmations; and much more. Mark's half of the zine includes an analysis of the differences between the British and American queercore and DIY scenes; a salute to Hong Kong gender-bending movie star Brigitte Lin; Henry Rollins' film career; comic about using bronzer as lube; an article on how the straight pickup bar scene is just as sad as the gay one, and counseling a straight co-worker who thinks he's HIV+; guest comix from TerryFagboy, Craig of God is my Co-Pilot, and Andy Roberts.
Red Hanky Panky #6 1/2 is a big fold-up one-pager (but it's one HUGE page) with comix by Rachael.
Sheet Worrier is another fold-up one-pager (HUGE), a collaboration between Rachael and Ruth Muffmonster. (Ruth's email: muffmonsters @ hotmail.com) The cover has a hilarious old porn photo of a naked woman with piled-up hair eating a sheet. Contents incluede The Lovely Lovely Sheetworrier Manifesto; lesbian dildo hell comic; review of a Dean Friedman concert; comic by Ruth about the time Rachael saved her from a spider; Rachael and Ruth give each other's zines scathingly negative reviews.
(36 pages, Digest. #7 1.50/$3 + postage, others postage/trade) (email: redhankypanky @ btinternet.com or markconnorton @ hotmail.com)

I got a big package of press clippings from Vag Davis, which will soon be installed at VaginalDavis.com

At a reading today, I got a copy of You're a star at MECCA, a collection of writing from the open mike reading series at San Francisco's A Different Light Bookstore. It's $5 (plus postage) from A Different Light, 489 Castro, SF 94114.

Saturday, August 21, 1999

Haven't been to the PO Box yet today, but here's a zine I got at the Guillotine/Subtonix show the other day:
The Turd-Filled Donut #5, August 99. This is the zine that's famous for interviewing San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and getting a quote that "you are better off being poverty-stricken where the cost of living is not so great."
This issue includes a Turd Caen column with gossip of the down and out; a piece about a gay off-duty police paid to harass the homeless in the Castro that includes the great line "sometimes Hate wears leather ass-less pants"; a report on police officers who issue the most "quality of life" citations; a talk with the TV reporter who made it more difficult to get a letter of 15-day residency; a survivor writes about the fire at the Thor Hotel; 6th St. treasure hunt for beer, uncredited but clearly drawn by Greta of Mudflap; a talk with a researcher at the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society about a tranny riot on Turk St. in San Francisco in 1966, three years before Stonewall, plus info aobut the Lavender Panthers; workfare workers exposed to hazardous chemicals; crashing the Chinese New Year Parade. PO Box 40272, SF, CA 94140.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Haven't been to the box for near a week, so big mail day today. Get ready...

A new book : "A Boy Called Mary: Kris Kirk's Greatest Hits." A collection of writing by the late gay British music journalist, published by Millivres Books. Includes articles on Diamanda Galas, Tongueman, Jayne County, Momus, and many more.

Another book: "Coffeehouse: Writings from the web." See here for more information.

A new issue of Batteries Not Included. See QZE for ordering info.

A copy of the glossy "A&U: America's AIDS magazine" with Diana Ross on the cover.

An annoucement of the premiere of the Vinculum Symphony by Beth Custer. See San Francisco events for more info.

A newsletter from the National Coalition Against Censorship.

A membership renewal from the ACLU.

Junk mail from Bill Clinton about the Democratic Party platform.

A couple of zine orders.

Monday, August 16, 1999

Haven't been to my PO Box since Friday, but here's some other stuff I've gotten by other means lately:

I got a couple of zines from Joey Plaster. One's called "crimes against nature" and has stuff on how posters for the zine were vandalized by homophobes; comic about Regina "queering"; a guy writes about dealing with standing up to homophobes in his church and community; an interview with MaxZine Weinstein on topics like the Radical Faeries, the Ida community, and the Eggplant Faerie players; Lesbian Avengers of Sarasota; and more. For ordering info, email sjbp5106@oberlin.edu
The other zine is "undisclosed recipients", which has an interview with Diana Courvant, transexual activist and director of the Survivor Project, a Portland, Oregon group addressing domestic violence specific to trans and intersex survivors; interview with an anonymous member of Boy With Arms Akimbo, an early 90s postering group, also discussing Bad Cop/No Donut; an article about being on one of those college gay/lesbian peer education panels, and problems with them; searching for a dean at Oberlin; interview with Susan Raffo, editor of Queerly Classed. Send email to undisclosedr@hotmail.com

Storytime with Ms. Thang by Brian Whitty: short stories by a queer guy writer from San Francisco. There's a story about being the main vegetarian cook for a student co-op in Euguene, Oregon; a story about being in a band; a story about going home for Christmas and finding an embarassing old videotape; and more. Send email to briandear@hotmail.com for ordering information.

Miracles of the Flesh by Hank Hyena. A collection of short prose pieces. Hank creates these wacky characters in first person narratives, like a Catholic priest who goes astray with a nun; a farm kid whose dad gives him a talking to about sex; a story about a gay fruit fly (insect, not fag hag) in a fruit store in the Castro; a male nipple in search of pleasure. Hank Hyena, 77 Dorland Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. Email: hankhyena@aol.com

Friday, August 13, 1999

Oh joy! I got a copy of Momus' new album, Stars Forever in the mail. No time for a review now, but I will do one eventually. For now, visit his website.

Zine: Food Geek, a mini-zine by Carrie of Assasin and the Whiner (see QZE 17). Amusing mini-zine, with recipe for Tofu Spam, comics about food, thinking about food habits of the person who left chocolate cake crumbs in your library book, only a buck from PO Box 481051, LA CA 90048.

I also got an announcement for a baby shower that made me laugh out loud for a long time.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

The new issue, #11, of Diseased Pariah News. Contents include pieces on now-deceased co-editors Michael Botkin and Beowulf Thorne, an article on viatical companies; a reprint of an article by W. Wayne Karr of the zine "Infected Faggot Perspectives"; pharmacies that charge more for people without insurance; an article on CMV Retinitis; a piece about Jesus; drawing of The Well-Dressed AIDS Terrorist; the fine art of ralphing; Porn Potato views a British safe sex video; letters, including one from the guy who appeared in the Advera ads; fake ad for DPN lite. Order promptly. 40 pages, half-legal size. DPN c/o Men's Support Center, PO Box 30564, Oakland CA 94604. ($3/$5 Canada/$7 overseas)

A new issue, July 1999, of the zine Teenage Death Songs. See QZE 17 for a review of another issue and the address.

A CD by Neil. Not really the sort of music I usually review. The music is dance-tempo, largely keyboard-based, with tenor vocals. Besides original songs, there are cover versions of "Epp Opp Ork" from the Jetsons, These boots are made for walking, and "Don't tell Mama" from Cabaret. R. Neil Palik, 9318 Westmoor Drive, Richmond, VA 23229. Email: skutr88784@aol.com

Saturday, August 7, 1999

A new CD, Klondyke 5, from dance musicians Arthur Loves Plastic - I think the standout track is "Our Diva," about a singer who's secretly a lesbian. For a full review, see the new Music Reviews from QZE 17

A copy of the zine The Volcano #3, which I had actually already purchased at Bound Together Books. See Queer Zine Explosion #17 for details.

A calendar of events from Modern Times Books, on which they've kindly highlighted the Samuel Delany reading for me - I was already planning on going, and it's listed on my San Francisco Queer Events page.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

Not much mail today - no zines or CDs. Got a calendar for Artists Television Access; A catalog of K Chronicles and Marginal Prophets merchandise (email gammaray @ slip.net for more information); plus an order for QZE.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Kink #10 - Charlotte describes herself as a "girl-fucker who hates lesbians." This issue is dedicated to trashing lesbians. "10 things I hate about lesbians." Plus an interview with a member of the mysterious Homocult! Plus Charlotte has also produced the one-off zine "Scott", about Captain Scott the polar explorer. 33 Romford Road, London E15 4LY. (T-2/ $1)

Speed Demon #10 - big new issue of this Italian language zine. An interview with Vidkid Timo, who does porn videos and videos for Varla Jean Merman; an article by a prisoner about homosexuality in prison; interview with the Australian band Kill Mariah, formerly called Sulk; excerpt "lesbianism and political awareness" from the book "Women for Peace" published in Belgrade; Pansy Division interview; reports from the Turin gay and lesbian film festival in '98 and '99; a translation of an interview of Kathy Acker by Kathleen Hanna from "Zero Hour" magazine; interview with Scott Treleaven of the zine Salivation Army and maker of "Queercore (a punk-u-mentary); book and zine reviews; interview with D. Gomez of Longstocking (the straight member of the band); interview with Polish visual artist Katarzyna Kozyra, who had herself made up with a beard and fake penis to pass in a men's bathhouse and made a video; article on Alfredo Cohen, one of only two explicitly queer 70s Italian singers; interview with cartoonish Abby Denson; avant-pop writer Harold Jaffe; music revies. Email: speeddemon@galactica.it PO Box 44/a, p.zza san babila 4/d, 20122 Milano, Italy (S-82 / $5 ppd)

Snackbar Confidential #8 - zine with reviews of junk food products. Why do people send me zines that don't have queer content? Lance Laurie, PO Box 895, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. $3.

Exhibition schedule for PS 1 in New York - includes an exhibit by Red Crayola collaborators Art and Language.

Misc stuff - Superchunk tour dates, zine orders, etc.

Thursday July 29, 1999

2 Copies of the French magazine Têtu - the theme of the issue is America and the anniversary of Stonewall, and there's a lot of information, including an article on Hiphop, a sidebar on Vaginal Davis with an article on queer music, etc.

An announcement of "Flower Show", an art show by Holy Titclamps contributor Jim Jeske, Sunday August 8th at 6 pm at Glama-Rama, 417 South Van Ness Ave.

Other mail: a book I ordered, a refund of 16 cents for a broken stamp machine back in February, and an order for QZE.

Tuesday July 27, 1999

Mount Terror #3 - zine includes a 1995 interview with Larry-bob, comic about Clovis, chieftan of the franks, and more. $1, 40 pages, digest. John Fulton, 1017 Englewood Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104.

Issue #4 of Q.U.E.E.R. zine. Contents include an editorial about Littleton, a rant various topics; Nashville Pussy interview; article on Cockroaches; interview with Bob Davies of ex-gay ministry Exodus; Rock E. Horror garbage pail kid; article on gay cops; record, video, and zine reviews. $1, 32 pages, standard. PO Box 52812, New Orleans, LA 70152-2812.


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