Pen Pal Ads

These ads are primarily from prisoners. Please take the time to select an ad (or more than one) and write to a prisoner. Make sure to use the address exactly as given here, including ID number, or mail will not get through.

This is intended as a page for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer prisoners, but not all people with ads here may identify as such, and no assumptions are to be made.

Although some people have apprehensions about doing so, I have written to prisoners for years and have never had any problems; rather, I have had very rewarding correspondences. -- Larry-bob.

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Posted Dec 4, 2010:
To Whom It Matters, I am a Transgender MTF named Runa Rennee Townsend, and I am in receipt of your name and address. My bio: I am 6 ft tal transgender MTF. I like sexy women's clothes and jewlery. I like most music and movies. I like quiet nights at home with my man! I respect all forms of religion. Age 43 yrs, Blue eyes, Brown curly hair, few tattoos. I appear very much like a lady!
Also interested in books - blank journals, books on wicca witchcraft by gay authors or women only, roleplay game books such as Steve Jackson Star Trek Next Generation RPG, D&D Books, Star Wars RPGs, any Star Wars Encyclopedia, any current English/Welsh Dictionary, or any dragon myth/legend art portfolios such as Boris Valajo, Olievia, or Frank R.
D. Runa Townsend #802857
264 FM 3478 Estelle Unit
Huntsville, TX 77320
Posted December 2010:
26 year old gay white male looking for gay understanding friend to share thoughts and ideas with plus much more. Into staying fit, and the outdoors and also I write good poetry and short fiction, and I'm a pretty good artist and tattooer. Music that I'm into is 80s and 90s alternative/hip-hop/R&B. 5'9, 185 blonde/redish hair and hazel eyes. You will get a pic and response to every letter!
Dustin O. Clark #1044401
Gib Lewis Unit
PO Box 9000
Woodville, TX 75990
Posted December 2010:
My name is Gregorio Looya Jr. but I'm mainly known by Greg. Nice to meet you! Well as to the reason behind my presence... I was interested in getting hooked up with a penpal(s) and I heard that ya'll have this program so I wish to present myself and hope I qualify. Below I'll put all the information the majority of the penpal sites ask for.
Name: Gregorio Lozoya Jr.
Number: 1224989
Address: Telford Unit
3899 State Highway 98
New Boston, TX 75570
DOB: 8/20/85
Race: American Mexican
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'11
Weight: 183
Eye Color: Brown... penetratin' Brown :-)
Hair color: Black
Seeking donations: No
Overseas: Yes
Conviction: Murder & Attempted Capital Murder
Serving Life Sentence
Seeking: as friend, companion, somone whom I can pass time, get to know and communicate with.
I'm aware that my charges are pretty discouraging but I am a nice person. I'm respectuful, honest, nice, open hearted, confident, it's just that one can only take so much when you're being tortured due to your sexual preferences. It was to the point that I really believed me and my family's life was in danger. Anyways, if there's any way you can help me get a pal I'd surely be grateful.
Posted December 2010:
I'm Charlie, I'm 45 strong, blue eyes, brown hair, looking for a special someone, or true sincere friend. I'm a very sexually stimilated guy, playful, but lonely. I'm insatiably bottom but go top and I'm going crazy in the lockup. I'm in the closet, and I don't act or look 45, I have 1 photo, if I can get it back I'll send it. I'm out of Houston TX, and would love a real caring person for friendship and more. I don't know what else, so ask.
Charles Bell #1404819
Wynne Farm
810 FM 2821
Huntsville TX 77349
More Prisoner resources

Black and Pink is a website for queers supporting queer folks in prison. It includes a penpal section as a blog and other resources.

Friends4Lifers is totally free to both prisoners and penpals to use, and features prisoners from all over the world. The website's address is

R.F.D. magazine has a "Prison Pages" section where they print writing by prisoners. They need writing and art. You can order R.F.D. by sending $7.75 to RFD, Box 68, Liberty TN 37095
There is a special subscription rate for prisoners of $10 per year. Penpal ads of 30 words or less can be submitted to RFD Brothers Behind Bars, Box 68, Liberty TN 37095 for one time only printing. Non-prisoners can request a copy of the pen pal listing (which is not published in full in the magazine itself.)

California Prison Focus publishes a newsletter. They have a website at Subscriptions are $20 a year general, $5 a year for prisoners, free to California SHU prisoners. Send $1 or equivalent in stamps for sample copy. Prison Focus, 2940 16th St., Room 100, San Francisco, CA 94103.

There's a listserve now for folks in existing or in-formation QUISP (Queers United In Support of Prisoners) chapters around the continent/planet to network/exchange ideas/info.

Prison Activist Resource Center is a good source for general progressive and radical information on prisons.

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