Are you a boring mainstream homo? Take the quiz and find out.

OK, there are a lot of mainstream boring homos out there. I think you know who I'm talking about... but how do you know you are not one of the pod-people, an Aberzombie, a part of the gay sheep-herd?

Answer true or false to each of the 10 questions:

1. I only listen to dance music. Any form of music that I liked before I came out I have completely forgotten about.

2. I think that it's a normal part of gay life to take crystal or ecstacy, or even if I don't do them myself, I'm "PNP Friendly."

3. I spend a great deal of my paycheck on clothes that are exactly like all the other gay boys are wearing.

4. I only hang out with guys who are my same body type -- if I'm a muscle guy, only with other gym guys, if I'm a twink with other twinks, if I'm a bear only with bears or chubs or chasers.

5. I don't like lesbians, and I make anti-women comments.

6. If I'm being monogamous with a guy, it means that he doesn't know I'm cheating on him.

7. I have the exact same tribal tattoos as everyone else.

8. I am not interested in politics, except maybe I donate to the HRC when they come to the door. Who cares if George Bush is ruining the planet?

9. I'm not any different from straight people, because I'm just as wasteful a consumer as they are. I love my SUV!

10. It doesn't bother me that the gay community is a joke, that people don't talk to each other or help each other out.

Rating (number of questions answered "True."):

0-3: Keep it up, you're not a zombie yet!

4-6: Maybe you should step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Volunteer for an organization (gay or straight) - that might be a start.

7-10: Pretty much hopeless... maybe you should consider an ex-gay ministry.


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